Shrug and Halter by Luv2Crochet

September 26, 2006 at 6:27 am (Children's Wearables)

I really like the patterns that Luv2Crochet comes up with!  I purchased this one for my daughter and she wants to wear it EVERYWHERE!  It’s made with Bernat CottonTots – I wanted it in pink like the pattern but alas I couldn’t find it anywhere around these parts, and I didn’t want to order online this time.


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Crochet/Fabric Dress

September 20, 2006 at 5:53 am (Children's Wearables)

This is my first experiment with sewing in conjunction with crochet. I pretty much made up the pattern! But the idea came from here.

It was made with some mill ends I got from AC Moore’s in orange, I believe it was some sort of Caron Simply soft. I got the stitch from here and just worked it until I was happy with it!

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Tested Another One!

July 14, 2006 at 6:37 am (Children's Wearables, Testing)

Ok, I just sent this out yesterday. It’s going to my Grand Nephew in Florida. The designer I sometimes test for designed this excellent pattern for a little boy. I am horrible at cross stitching, but I did my best! The image is clickable to see it better. The designer is from Crochet Garden.

The yarn I used for this is Bernat Softee Baby in Denim and White, with a little of a blue Caron Simply Soft.

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Sorry So Late!

June 13, 2006 at 6:37 am (Accessories, Children's Wearables)

WOW! Has it really been this long since I last posted??? I have so many things I have finished since the last post. So without further ado, let me present them here.

I sent a package to my niece for all of her kids, all 6 of them, plus another thing for my other nieces child. I did all of the tops in Red Heart Super Saver in the color Monet. Here they are:

The above is the halter top for the youngest girl. The pattern I got from Luv2Crochet and it’s called Pink Daisy’s Halter Top.

This one I actually designed myself, and this one is for the middle girl. I used this stitch for the bodice and then a stitch that I got from the 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches leaflet called Fan Trellis which is #42.

Here is another one I designed myself, and this one is for the oldest girl. I used just a basic sc for the bodice area, and then I used that same 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches leaflet but this time the stitch called the Arch Stitch with is #9.

This is a shrug that I did for the only child of my other niece. She is a teenager. I used this pattern here at Caney Lady Creations – this worked up quite quickly and was really easy directions to follow.


The one niece that has 6 children has 3 girls and 3 boys. Now what in the world do you make for boys??? I did the best I could in coming up with something. I made them pouches! I kind of combined three different patterns I saw and this is what I came up with! One is a CD Player pouch, one is a Game Boy pouch and the other is a pen/pencil pouch. I put little handles on the two pouches so that they could hold them or attach them if they wanted.

I have much more to show you, but alas, I have to get ready for work. I promise to update more this evening when I get in!


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Ok, So I have been BUSY!!!

May 18, 2006 at 8:58 pm (Children's Wearables, Misc, Swaps & RAOK)

Here are some of the things I have completed lately:

I just completed testing another dress for Etaria – she thought it looked good. I told her I wasn’t exactly pleased with the color, but absolutely LOVED the pattern. She told me that the dress looked “stunning” – well that is all I needed to be able to post it here!!! She has the most beautiful patterns! I used a Red Heart Soft Yarn in a color called “Grass Green”.

My daughter wasn’t exactly a willing model this afternoon, but she obliged me:

Here is a pink top I did for my daughter. It is that fun fur (eyelash yarn) that I had purchased a while back and didn’t know what to do with it. I actually designed this top on my own. I just kept playing with it until I liked what I saw. She loved it. She wore it to school one day and all her girlfriends wanted one!!! Just to let you know I used the fun fur with a strand of White Red Heart Super Saver to come up with this look.

I was involved in a toy swapat this board I visit often called Crochetville. I was responsible for sending just one toy to a little boy who was four years old. This was my first ever toy I had crocheted, so I decided to do something simple. I did this snake, which the pattern can be found here. For this snake I just used a regular camo yarn from Bernat.

I decided after I had finished the snake that I wanted to try something a bit more difficult, so I made a baby triceratops. This was a major cute pattern. I got the pattern here. I used a Caron Simply Soft in grey.

Whew, I have much more to post but I am tired, it’s been a very long day.

I do have to let you know tho, there is a very special person out there that absolutely made my day today. I will tell you all about it the next time I post, which will be soon I promise!


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Just Sent a Package to My Sister…

May 9, 2006 at 4:08 pm (Adult Wearables, Children's Wearables)

…and in it she will find this:

That is the black and white stole I made for her STARTING last year but just finished it this past week. I sure hope she likes it!!!

Also in the package is the complete Baby Boy set I made for a girl that just had a baby. I think they turned out cute!!!

  Let’s see…what am I working on now?

1) I am in the process of testing another dress for my daughter from the same designer as the Little Maiden Sundress (the peach colored one). This time I am doing it in a deep green. I just started it last night.

2) 4th and final top for my grand niece, this is half way done.

3) I am involved with a CAL (Crochet-Along) that is dealing with scraps. I want to make a Scrap-ghan with all this leftover yarn.

Isn’t that enough???

I have more pictures that I will post later.


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The Shrug/Bolero is DONE!

May 2, 2006 at 6:22 am (Children's Wearables)


I finally finished the bolero. It’s for my 13 year old GRAND-niece. I took some pictures, but because of the varigated colors it’s hard to tell the pattern. I took one of my pillows and wrapped the bolero around it so that you can see the pattern better! After this one, I only have one more thing to make for the girls and that would be the top for the 7 year old.


I am taking it to a meeting tonight where I know someone that is about the age of the girl I am giving this to and about the size to see if it fits ok. I will post pictures tomorrow. I told her to wear something that would match these colors.

Other projects I finished are the toy I made for the SWAP I am involved in, and the hat for the baby set. I need to finish the booties for that to complete. I also need to finish that black and white stole so that I can send everything to my sister.


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My Very First Baby Boy Wearable

May 1, 2006 at 6:02 am (Children's Wearables)

WOO HOO – I finally finished the little infant baby boy wearable!!! It’s a sweater, and then I find out it’s really too big to be worn by an infant! Oh well, I will just let her know it’s for his life later on!!!

I was also worried about it being to “girlie” but I was assured by many people, that the blue screams boy!!!

I have to remember to put what kind of yarn I used and where I got the pattern in all of my posts. The pattern came from this site (you have to scroll down to see the baby sweater). I used a Bernat Softee Baby in Denim.

Picture is clickable to see it larger.

Now off to make the booties and the hat that goes with it.


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A Bit of What I am Working On

April 26, 2006 at 6:25 am (Children's Wearables, Misc)

Here are some pics of things I am working on at the moment. I had mentioned before that I was in the middle of crocheting tops for my GRAND nieces. I have completely finished two – with the exception of the embellishments and here they are (I have a pretty large stuffed pig I am using as a “model”).

This is the one for the 8 year old – I am planning on putting some ribbon and such to make it look a little more “girlie”. I actually designed this pattern myself. I have learned already that there are certain ways to make the bodice and then the bottom part and how to attach the straps – I used a stitch called the “Arch” from a book from Leisure Arts called 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches to make an Heirloom Afghan:


This is the one for the 3 year old. Cute little halter dress – you see the front of it as well as the back. Again, I am planning on putting some ribbon around it! The picture I took looks a little lopsided, but I assure you it is symetrical! This pattern I got from the Luv2Crochet website. It is the Pink Daisies Halter Top Pattern.


I am also working on a bolero for the 13 year old. I have a pattern for the 7 year old, just haven’t started it as of yet.

One other thing I am working on (I am addicted I know!) is a baby set for a friend that just had a little boy. I am making a sweater, hat and booties. I am on the sweater. This is the first baby boy thing I have made. I will post pics later.


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Late, Late, Late

April 21, 2006 at 8:25 am (Children's Wearables, Testing)

Yup, that is the story of my life! I cannot believe that Sunday was the last (only) time I posted! Already getting off to a great start on this blogging thing!

Anyhoo, I wanted to show off what I made for my daughter! This took me a week to make (mostly evenings) and I must say I am quite proud of myself! (I just noticed that I use way too many “!” in my sentences – note to self – do not become a punctuation fanatic)

This dress I tested for a great designer – You can find her work at Crochet Garden – in fact, my daughter is modeling the exact dress here – the dress is called “Little Maiden Sundress” – the pattern is for sale there, and I have to tell you that it was very simple to make.

I am working on 4 other projects at the same time. As I mentioned in my first post, I was in the middle of designing a top for one of my grand nieces. I actually have 4 grand-nieces that I am crocheting something for – tops made out of the same yarn – Red Heart Super Saver in MultiColor Monet – but different patterns. The ages of the girls are 3.5, 7, 8 and 13 – it’s fun doing this. I have finished two of them, the one for the 3.5 year old, and the one for the 8 year old (I posted in the first post that she was 9, she is really only 8 ) I also have 3 grand-nephews that I am still trying to figure out what to make them.

Ok, that is it for now, I will be posting pictures of the tops I am making later on today. I have to head to work now.


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