New Domain!!! ~ I’ve Moved!!!

October 7, 2006 at 5:37 pm (Uncategorized)


 I have my own domain!  Come pay me a visit when you can ok?



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Thursday Threesome ~ Fall Harvest Festival

October 5, 2006 at 5:58 am (Thursday Threesome)

Thursday Threesome

::Fall Harvest Festival::

Onesome: Fall– (ing) into “The Decorating Season”? How about it: do you have your Halloween Tree up and decorated yet? …or maybe just a plastic pumpkin sitting on the table <g>? …something in between? Inquiring minds and all that… ~ Sorry to disappoint, but don’t do Halloween.  I do want to say though that this Holiday has changed from when I was a little girl.  I have seen more people go nuts decorating for Halloween more than they do for Christmas! 

Twosome: Harvest– time? What crops are grown in your area (call it fifty miles) that are coming out of the fields this Fall? ~ Cotton and soybeans are huge this time of year.  Sweet potatoes are good if we had a drier summer.  Tobacco ends it’s season this month.

Threesome: Festival– Do you have a County Fair or Harvest Fest happening in Autumn? …or do you wait until the sap flows? ~ Our huge Coastal Carolina Fair starts on October 26, 2006 – cannot wait!!!

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Wednesday Mind Hump

October 4, 2006 at 5:21 am (Wednesday Mind Hump)

Today is Visit Your Cousin In Prison Day. Yikes! by BlogDrive Insanity! 
 Apple pie or pumpkin pie? ~ By all means, pumpkin.  I don’t like fruit pies in general, but I will eat creamy pies like custard and pumpkin!
 Cars or SUVs? ~ SUV’s – never thought I would be one to say that but I adore my 21 Ford Explorer – actually the best vehicle I have EVER had!
 Pen or pencil? ~ Really cannot stand using a pencil.  Medium, cheap Bic blue pens are my fave.
 Electric guitar or acoustic guitar? ~ Acoustic 12 string!  What a sound!
 Shower or bath? ~ Shower – a bath is only for those times when my body hurts.
 Daffy Duck or Yogi Bear? ~  Daffy, only because he slobbers when he talks!  LOL
 Butter on a biscuit or jam on a biscuit? ~ If I am going to eat a biscuit, I like butter AND strawberry jam.
 Bringing sexy back or dropping it like it’s hot? ~ Huh?

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What? No Crochet???

October 3, 2006 at 8:27 pm (Journaling)

In looking over my blog over the past few weeks you will notice not that much crocheting going on.  Why is that you may wonder?  It’s because I am in the FINAL stages of the Autumn Secret Pal Swap at the ‘Ville.  I have been crocheting my little fingers to the bone, but I can’t put it on my blog for fear my secret pal will find out who I am!  Once she gets the big REVEAL package I will post everything I sent her.

I was accepted to a new swap that will last till next year!  This is a swap not associated with the ‘Ville, and it’s located here.  That one starts on the 15th, and I cannot WAIT to see who my partner is!!!

I am also doing a “Hubby Swap” – ok, it’s not what your thinking.  This is a swap where we make things for our significant others!  I already got my partner for this one!  It will be so exciting!!!  She has a little 5 month old son and she said it would be cool to have something matching for her son AND her husband.  Boy the wheels are turning now!

Also, I am involved in making a comfort-ghan for someone who I dearly love and is going thru a rough time right now.  The good ladies at the ‘Ville have been so generous with their time and yarn to help me with some squares towards this endeavor.  I will be posting some pics later on in the week as the squares come in.  I think I am going to dedicate a page to the project.

So as you can see, I have been busy.  You just don’t see it!  LOL

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Monday’s Meme ~ Miss Elainie

October 2, 2006 at 6:11 am (Miss Elainie)

Miss Elainie

Apple Harvest

1. Have you every picked apples? ~ Never – wait, unless you consider Mountain Apples REAL apples!  Then yes, I have picked apples! 

2. Have you every bobbed for apples? ~ Never

3. What is your favorite apple desert? ~ I don’t really like pies in general, especially fruit pies.  But when I was living in Pittsburgh, PA there was this place called “King’s” restaurant we went to ALOT.  They had hot apple pie and cinnamon ice cream, the combination was to DIE for!

4. What kind of apples do you prefer? ~ Granny Smith, hands down – with peanut butter.

5. Do you beleive that an “apple a day” keeps the doctor away? ~ I think there is something in apples that help you stay healthy.  I do believe that if we ate MORE LIVE food every day there wouldn’t be so much sickness.

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Unconcious Mutterings ~ Week 191

October 1, 2006 at 7:25 am (Unconcious Mutterings)

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Taxes :: Death
  2. Hooray :: Hip Hip
  3. Justification :: Lies
  4. Shocking :: Horror
  5. Bureaucracy :: Red Tape
  6. Porn :: Sick
  7. Silly :: Happy
  8. DJ :: Jazzy Jeff
  9. Swing :: Dance
  10. Anti- :: Establishment

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