Thursday Threesome

September 28, 2006 at 5:48 am (Thursday Threesome)

Thursday Threesome

::Clean Air Act::

Onesome: Clean– as a whistle? Can you whistle? When did you learn? …and with
pursed lips or with that finger thing? ~ Gosh, I have always been SUPER envious of my mother being able to whistle with the two finger thing. I cannot do it no matter how hard I try. I can whistle with the pursed lips thing. I can’t say I remember when I learned, but I want to say around 6 years old.

Twosome: Air– quality: an issue where you live or not? …enough to move? ~
We live on the East Coast of US, so the ocean breezes really help keep this city air clean. The only problem we have is in the summer when the air seems to just hang over the area like a hot, wet, blanket.

Threesome: Act– Hey, do you ‘act your age’? Sure, that’s subjective, but what
do you think? …or better yet: what do your friends think <g>? ~ As of the moment, I think I act way older than I am, because I feel it! Those that have known me forever are worried about me because I have gotten myself into a cocoon, those that have only known me this way think I am a bit of an old loner.

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