Wednesday Mind Hump!

September 20, 2006 at 5:39 am (Wednesday Mind Hump)

BlogDrive Insanity!

1.  Are you a fan of board games? ~ Yes

2.  What’s your favorite board game and why? ~ Chinese Checkers – it’s fast paced, it’s easy, it’s stimulating!

3.  Blackbeard, Hook, Sparrow – who’s your favorite pirate? ~ Most assuredly Sparrow!!!

4.  If you were a pirate, what would you name yourself? ~ Piratess Jazmine

5.  Uh oh!  Someone’s gotta walk the plank!  Choose a celebrity you want to throw overboard (all in good fun, of course.  We’re not actually advocating for the tossing of celebs in the ocean). ~ Rosanne


  1. Caylynn said,

    Welcome to the Wednesday Mind Hump. 🙂 Sparrow is my favourite pirate as well. Good choice to make Rosanne walk the plank. 😉

  2. Danella said,

    Popping in from Wednesday Mind Hump, never played Chinese Checkers before, sounds fun. Rosanne… get yourself on that plank! LOL great choice.

  3. rfduck said,

    Thanks for mind humping, Piratess Jazmine!

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