Tapestry Tote

September 19, 2006 at 1:33 pm (Accessories)

Thanks goes to xampx for sharing with us her Tapestry Tote Bag – I loved her colors and how hers turned out that I was going to go to the pattern she followed and save it in my favorites.

When I went to the pattern, and saw the colors that the original tote bag came in I said to myself, Oh My Goodness! Those are my dear friends favorite colors! Blue, brown and tan! So I got to going on this, I made it in 2 evenings and the portion of another day. I knew my friend was coming to spend the night with us so I wanted it done by a certain day. My friend likes dark blue instead of the patterns light blue. Oh, and I also did little buttons instead of the crisscross pattern thingie they had.  Here is the original pattern.

I couldn’t understand the handle instructions, so I just fudged it.

I did line it, even tho the pattern didn’t call for it.

I tell you, the squares were the simple part! The putting together of this, hiding all the threads, and then putting the lining! THAT WAS THE TEDIOUS TIME CONSUMING PART!!!

Well, this was my very first “change lots of colors” project I have ever done and I gotta say, I am not so scared anymore!!! It’s just a lot more work instead of crocheting!


1 Comment

  1. Wanda said,

    I absolutely love this tote, I hadn’t taken notice to it at the ville. Where did you find the pattern?

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