Tested Shawl for Lisa – Crochet Garden

September 14, 2006 at 5:54 am (Adult Wearables)

This is a piece of work I tell you, it’s one of the LONGEST (time wise) projects I have done in many moons.  There is this lady who watched my daughter during the week when I first started going back to work.  She was so nice and kind and sweet to my daughter that I told myself that the next time Lisa designed something for an adult woman, no matter what it was, I was going to make it for this lady.  Well, it turned out to be this shawl.

I wanted to try a new yarn for me – TLC Cotton Plus – how pleasant it is to work with this yarn!  It doesn’t split, it just glides on the hook.  It’s a good thing too, because this shawl was a MONSTER!  The designer made it so that it could wrap around and tie over, so it’s VERY wide.  Anyhoo, the pattern is available here – it’s called the “Garden Trellis Shawl” and you can see even more pictures of all the testers here.

Ok, so I just checked PhotoBucket and they seem to be down right now.  I will come back and edit this post with a picture of the lady wearing it after awhile.  Sorry for the down time!

ETA – Photo!!! – Remember that image is clickable for larger view.

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