Another Secret Pal Package – REVEAL!

July 18, 2006 at 6:38 am (Swaps & RAOK)

WOO HOO!!! Look at this! This is my third and final package received from my now KNOWN Secret Pal “Robin” – Thank you so much Robin for taking all the time you did to make this swap a most enjoyable one! Would you all just notice everything???

First, here is everything minus one item, saving that one for last! (Remember that all the images are clickable!)

There are two skeins of Wool Ease in purple, you can’t really see the color but it’s beautiful. There are two pattern books, one for purses and one for ponchos. One verigated RHSS skein in pretty purples. One beautiful scented candle. A refrigerator magnet. And then LOOK AT THAT PURSE!!! I don’t know what kind of yarn it is, but it’s gorgeous and soft and it’s got BEADS!!!! And, it comes with a matching cell phone holder! WOO HOO – and as if that’s not enough, look at that little pig note holder!!! YOU RULE ROBIN, did I mention that yet???????

Ok, all of the above is awesome, great, wonderful, fabulous and just plain old GROOVY … BUT, Robin? You outdid yourself with this…

Look at this!!! Look at this hook holder!!! Look at the hooks in it already!!! Including a CLOVER HOOK!!! This is my FIRST one!!!! Ok, look at all the folds on the hook holder! It’s a PIG HOOK HOLDER!!!! It even has a cute little PIGGY TAIL!!!

Robin sure went above and beyond on this swap, thank you SO MUCH for making the swap a most enjoyable experience.

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