Secret Pal at the ‘Ville

June 15, 2006 at 6:04 am (Swaps & RAOK)

A while back I mentioned something about someone sending me something that was very special. I have been very remiss about posting here, not because I am unappreciative, but because I am just plain forgetful!

At Crochetville, there is something called the “Secret Pal” swap. You fill out this application of all your likes about crochet and such and a moderator scrambles them all up and places people together to swap crochet related things. You try not to reveal yourself until the “reveal” package at the end of the swap.

Well, the Secret Pal who was assigned to me (the one sending me things) is extra special. She has sent me two packages already and not to mention sending me numerous ecards to brighten my day. She seems to have a real handle on me because she knows just when I need something in the form of a pick me up!

Here was her May special package she sent me!

Here was her June special package she sent me!

In the first package she sent me all kinds of goodies! There is some hand lotion, some body lotion, yarn, a dishcloth pattern book and a dishcloth!!! Handmade by her! I use this thing every day! I didn’t think I would like crocheted dishcloths to use around the house, but they are so absorbent and really work well.

The second package she sent me, well, it had even MORE goodies. There is a pattern book for children’s wearables, a bar of beautiful butterfly soap, yarn, and a scarf made with that very same yarn, and a journal that I am keeping right next to the place I crochet to write my notes in! All of that is lovely. But what I absolutely went GAGA over is that crochet hook. It’s a hand made Turn of the Century wooden crochet hook. Oh my!!! How special is that???

If your reading this special pal, thank you so much for sending me such nice things!


1 Comment

  1. Big Sister said,

    OK you got me, now I want a wash rag in black (*;*)…Love Big Tita

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