May 25, 2006 at 5:34 am (Misc)

Ok, I have too many WIP’s (work in progresses) – I have to finish these before I embark on another test pattern for Etaria – I am going to be testing a Cardigan for her. I ordered yarn and I have a goal to finish these WIP’s before the yarn comes, or if I can’t do that, before I start on her project.

Here they are – I will keep the list updated as I finish:

1) Last and final top for 4 grand nieces
2) Finishing touches on all 4 tops
3) 3 pouches (gameboy and mp3 player) for grand nephews
4) Halter top and shrug for daughter
5) Tank top

Wow, that is a lot of crocheting, good thing the weekend is coming up!!! I will be busy tonight!!!




  1. Sis said,

    KnicKnac, I think you should market that fun yarn shirt on E-bay. You need to get some better pics. I think that is a great Idea. Go… for it. Tita

  2. KnicKnac said,

    Oh you are my biggest fan! You are too good to me Sissy!!!

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