The Shrug/Bolero is DONE!

May 2, 2006 at 6:22 am (Children's Wearables)


I finally finished the bolero. It’s for my 13 year old GRAND-niece. I took some pictures, but because of the varigated colors it’s hard to tell the pattern. I took one of my pillows and wrapped the bolero around it so that you can see the pattern better! After this one, I only have one more thing to make for the girls and that would be the top for the 7 year old.


I am taking it to a meeting tonight where I know someone that is about the age of the girl I am giving this to and about the size to see if it fits ok. I will post pictures tomorrow. I told her to wear something that would match these colors.

Other projects I finished are the toy I made for the SWAP I am involved in, and the hat for the baby set. I need to finish the booties for that to complete. I also need to finish that black and white stole so that I can send everything to my sister.



  1. Krystal said,

    Thats soo cute! I’m sure she’s gonna be thrilled with it! And I love that color! Is it did with RH in ‘Monet’?

  2. KnicKnac said,

    Hey Krystal, so sorry I came back here so late. Yes, that is with RH Monet, is’nt it gorgeous??? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Paula460 said,

    let me say you 1 thing: WOW!
    I’m amazed by your work.
    go, girl!

  4. KnicKnac said,

    Gosh Paula, thank you so much! Sometimes I am even amazed at what I do myself!

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