My Very First Baby Boy Wearable

May 1, 2006 at 6:02 am (Children's Wearables)

WOO HOO – I finally finished the little infant baby boy wearable!!! It’s a sweater, and then I find out it’s really too big to be worn by an infant! Oh well, I will just let her know it’s for his life later on!!!

I was also worried about it being to “girlie” but I was assured by many people, that the blue screams boy!!!

I have to remember to put what kind of yarn I used and where I got the pattern in all of my posts. The pattern came from this site (you have to scroll down to see the baby sweater). I used a Bernat Softee Baby in Denim.

Picture is clickable to see it larger.

Now off to make the booties and the hat that goes with it.



  1. Krystal said,

    Oh I seen this on crochetville where you posted! I think this is adorable! Great job you did on it!

  2. KnicKnac said,

    Thank you Krystal!–>

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