What is a UFO?

April 30, 2006 at 8:55 pm (Unfinished Works)

In the crochet world, a UFO is an Unfinished Object. I have a bunch of UFO’s that have been sitting not doing anything for months! I thought I would share them here in my blog just so that there is a sense of accountability.

This particular piece is a Homespun Stole. I started making it for my sister to match her blanket that I made her out of the same yarn. I wanted to do something with the leftover yarn, and what do you know? I had to go out and buy another one anyway just to be able to finish it. This is on my list to finish.

This next one is the exact same pattern as above. Another case of leftover yarn not knowing what do do with it. Same exact thing happened, I ran out, never finished. I do have additional yarn now that I bought to finish it. I actually made this one for myself. I have several black shirts that I wear with skirts that have this color yellow in it and I thought it would be a good combination.

Ah, the sage afghan. I actually started making this for my mother over a year ago. She got here and decided she didn’t want something with holes in it so I stopped and made her something else. I ended up using Chenelle yarn which was the first time I ever used that type of yarn. It was quick, easy, no holes and she loved it! Sorry, don’t have that picture.

OK, this is it for now. I have several more things going on, but just too tired to get pictures.TTFN

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