A Bit of What I am Working On

April 26, 2006 at 6:25 am (Children's Wearables, Misc)

Here are some pics of things I am working on at the moment. I had mentioned before that I was in the middle of crocheting tops for my GRAND nieces. I have completely finished two – with the exception of the embellishments and here they are (I have a pretty large stuffed pig I am using as a “model”).

This is the one for the 8 year old – I am planning on putting some ribbon and such to make it look a little more “girlie”. I actually designed this pattern myself. I have learned already that there are certain ways to make the bodice and then the bottom part and how to attach the straps – I used a stitch called the “Arch” from a book from Leisure Arts called 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches to make an Heirloom Afghan:


This is the one for the 3 year old. Cute little halter dress – you see the front of it as well as the back. Again, I am planning on putting some ribbon around it! The picture I took looks a little lopsided, but I assure you it is symetrical! This pattern I got from the Luv2Crochet website. It is the Pink Daisies Halter Top Pattern.


I am also working on a bolero for the 13 year old. I have a pattern for the 7 year old, just haven’t started it as of yet.

One other thing I am working on (I am addicted I know!) is a baby set for a friend that just had a little boy. I am making a sweater, hat and booties. I am on the sweater. This is the first baby boy thing I have made. I will post pics later.




  1. Deb said,

    Lovely work! What kind of yarn are you using here? It’s so pretty! (looking again to see if you said.. and I don’t think you did..)

  2. Krystal said,

    That is soo cute! I have that same pattern but just havent started it yet. Plus I have the same colored/type yarn too! Yours turned out great!!

  3. KnicKnac said,

    Deb, I sure didn’t say what type of yarn I was using, so sorry! I am using a Red Heart Super Saver varigated in the color they call Monet. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Krystal, thanks so much for making the rounds in my blog! Make sure you let me know when you post a picture so I can see how yours looks!

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