Got the FEVER

April 22, 2006 at 6:33 am (Misc)

Yes, you heard me right. The fever of crochet is in my blood. I am becoming a stashoholic. You see, I am a merchandiser which enables me to spend a lot of my day in a lot of different stores. Now, I am not a shopper at all, in fact I HATE shopping, but since I am in the store already, and I have found a new passion for crochet, I make it a point to see if this store has any yarn!!!

Now I am buying yarn just for the heck of it! Here is some yarn I purchased at the Dollar Tree in my neighborhood yesterday. I don’t need this yarn, it was just there calling out my name:

And who can resist only a dollar a skein???Ok, that is it for now. I did take some pics of the projects for my grand-nieces, but I will post them later. Gotta go!



  1. Vik said,

    I would have done the same you did! Irresistable skeins!

  2. Krystal said,

    Wow!! I didn’t know Dollar Tree carried yarn! Methinks I must run right now to my local dollar tree store….except its not opened up yet. 😦 I would have bought it too whether I needed it or not. *LOL*


  3. KnicKnac said,

    Thank you Vik for stopping by my Blog! Aren’t they pretty???

    Krystal, it’s become an addiction I tell you! One dollar a skein? WOO HOO

  4. Krystal said,

    UPDATE!! I just bought 15 skeins at my dollar tree store! They just opened up last Saturday. The good yarn in Patons Voodoo and Bernat Frenzy! I was soooo excited! Thanks for letting me know they carried yarn!!!

  5. Anonymous said,

    I knew I should have bought the ones that were at my Dollar Tree. Have you thought about what your going to make with it?

  6. KnicKnac said,

    Krystal, I am so glad your Dollar Tree started to carry yarn, you feel like your getting such a bargain at a buck a skien!

    Anonymous, I will be posting what I made with it sometime today, stay tuned!

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